Monday, July 15, 2013

Introduction to Morocco

mosque in Morocco


The common, but very faulty image of Morocco is this : 

flocks of Camels in Morocco

Most people think that Morocco is a big dune of desert and flocks of camels wandering around. As a part of the Sahara Desert, this is partly true. A truer and more rigorous image would comprise a large depiction of the Northern and the Western parts of Morocco. There you can find sandy beaches, isolated islands, green forests, dark woods, grassy meadows, mountain ranges, prolific lands and much more. Other eye-openers include fabulous snow-skiing in Ifrane (5460 feet in altitude) and Oukaimden (10738 feet in altitude); stellar golf courses in Cabo Negro (near Tetouan), Agadir and Benslimane; and the Mediterranean climate that welcome every tourist to come and feel the Beauty of this amazing place.

Chefchaouen and its blue houses and tight streets

People around the world talk a lot about Morocco and its mystery, but are they right? Well, yeah! Maybe they are. Morocco has an immortal, everlasting feature that no longer exists in other places of the globe, a feeling that the bygone with all its barbarity and luster still survives. Just walk throught the tight little streets of the Medina of Fes (Fes here is just an example , you may find others ancient cities with the same features like Tetouan, Tangier, Meknes, Rabat, etc.), and you will find out that your time-machine really works. Just on arrival, you are dived into a mysterious urbanization that you have ever witnessed before. 
It is a territory of amazement and astonishment, enchantment and magic, and the perpetual charm is always there!

South of Morocco

Morocco is the land of love, people here are very friendly and open-minded. You go along with their culture and you feel nothing but their warm hospitality ... you'll find yourself no longer just visiting but justly living.

Paradise in Agadir, Morocco

The real Morocco that you still don't know is an everything country and this blog is all about it ... 

Festivals in Morocco

We are here to help you make your future itinerary plan and make sure that you'll see and experience the things that we don't really want you to miss!!


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